Lashing chains



 Min Break Strength  10mm  5000Kg
 13mm  8000Kg


CLE Alloy Bow and Dee Shackles

U.S Federal Specification RR-C-27lb

Safe Working A. Body B. Pin C. Inside D. (1) Inside D. (2) Inside E. Inside
Load dia. dia. width at pin length Dee length Bow width Bow
500 Kg 6mm 8mm 12mm 23mm 27mm 19mm
750 Kg 8mm 10mm 13mm 20mm 31mm 21mm
1000 Kg 10mm 11mm 17mm 33mm 37mm 26mm
1500 Kg 11mm 13mm 18mm 37mm 44mm 29mm
2000 Kg 13mm 16mm 20mm 46mm 48mm 33mm
3250 Kg 16mm 20mm 27mm 52mm 61mm 43mm
4750 Kg 20mm 22mm 30mm 61mm 71mm 51mm
6500 Kg 22mm 25mm 36mm 76mm 84mm 58mm
8500 Kg 25mm 28mm 44mm 83mm 95mm 67mm
9500 Kg 28mm 32mm 47mm 91mm 107mm 73mm
12 000 Kg 32mm 35mm 52mm 101mm 119mm 81mm
13 500 Kg 35mm 38mm 58mm 118mm 134mm 91mm
17 000 Kg 38mm 42mm 61mm 125mm 144mm 98mm
25 000 Kg 44mm 51mm 74mm 150mm 180mm 126mm
35 000 Kg 51mm 56mm 85mm 170mm 197mm 143mm
55 000 Kg 64mm 70mm 105mm 203mm 267mm 184mm
85 000 Kg 76mm 85mm 128mm 215mm 315mm 215mm
120 000 Kg 89mm 95mm 133mm 240mm 365mm 230mm
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